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Ph.D position at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

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Duration: 36 months
There is an available PhD position at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague to work under the modelling of the non-linear micro-/nanomechanical systems.

The proposed project aims to develop a tunable micro/nano-mechanical resonator consisting of piezoelectric, photoresistive and functional (memory shape) materials for a wide array of applications including biomedical, photovoltaics or micro-electronics. A sensor with such a complex structure would
inevitably exhibit nonlinear behaviour coming from either global or local nonlinearities. Hence, it is desirable to well understand such behavior to either exploit it in a favor of the sensor or to avoid it. In this project, we thus plan to closely study this issue, both theoretically and experimentally, to understand physics behind and enable tailoring new powerful sensors or nonlinear dynamical systems for various applications. This project is in collaboration with the National Cheng Kung University and, as such, possible stay in collaborating institute may be also considered.

We seek for a highly motivated individual who would like to work in the international team (English speaking environment) with an interest in the computational mechanics, modelling and simulations. The ideal candidate would have a background in mechanical engineering, computational material science or related disciplines, and in particular, skills in finite element analysis/ molecular simulations, nanomechanics would be preferable.

For questions regarding this Ph.D. project position please contact Assoc. Prof. Ivo Stachiv (stachiv[at]fzu[dot]cz); the salary is according the pay grade of the Institute of Physics, ASCR.

Institute of Physics is the leading government research Institute in Czech Rep. located with Prague with focus on all aspects of physics.

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