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Ph.D position at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

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Duration: 36 months
There is an available PhD position at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague to work under the design, modelling, preparation and characterization of smart structures.

The proposed project aims to develop Project focuses on design, fabrication and characterization of a new class of 4D metamaterials with embedded smart material elements for energy harvesting, sensing and actuating purposes supported by mathematical modelling. These metamaterials exploit the unique properties of shape memory alloys and piezoelectric materials, and the advances in 3D printing to create
structure with an artificial behavior in case of mechanical and electrical responses.
Multidisciplinary modelling and characterization of individual multi-domain structure properties
and development of novel manufacturing process are essential parts of this project. The
manufacturing technology would enable fabrication of building blocks consisting of polymer
lattice and embedded smart material elements to achieve functional properties not feasible by
current technologies. Metamaterial is designed by repeated pattern of building blocks to create
a complex artificial structure with intentionally changeable properties and shape; both could be
change with loads and controlled via an external stimulus like current.

We seek for one(two) motivated individual(s) who would like to work in the international team (English speaking environment) with an interest in the computational mechanics, modelling and simulations (second one in design, fabrication and characterization).
The ideal candidate would have a background in mechanical engineering, computational material science or related disciplines, and in particular, skills in finite element analysis/ molecular simulations, metamaterials, 3D printing, nanomechanics would be preferable.

For questions regarding this Ph.D. project position please contact Assoc. Prof. Ivo Stachiv (stachiv[at]fzu[dot]cz); the salary is according the pay grade of the Institute of Physics, ASCR.

Institute of Physics is the leading government research Institute in Czech Rep. located with Prague with focus on all aspects of physics.

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