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Call for 6 Marie Curie Phd positions within the ITN project RE-FRACTURE2 (Deadline June 30, 2021)

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6 PhD positions available within the RE-FRACTURE2 project:
1. Starting date: November 1, 2021
2. Where: Europe (Italy, Belgium, Serbia)
3. Description:
The objective of the project is to derive new computational models for refractory materials, which will make possible for the first time to simulate in-silico their behaviour over the whole of working temperature range. These models will be a breakthrough in the design of components like refractory nozzles, plates, ladle and tundish slide gate systems, which will directly translate to energy savings, waste reduction and decreases in pollution and CO2 emission, together with safety improvements.
4. Salary:
Successful candidates will receive a salary/fellowship in accordance with the MSCA regulations for Early Stage Researchers. The exact salary/fellowship will be confirmed upon appointment and will amount:
 • living allowance: € 3,270 per month (before employer and employee deductions), corrected by the country correction coefficient (CCC)
 • an additional taxable monthly mobility allowance of  € 600
 • if applicable an additional taxable monthly family allowance of € 500 subject to family status of the appointee.
Funding is guaranteed for 36 months. In addition to their individual scientific projects, the successful candidates will benefit from further continuing education, which includes internships and secondments, a variety of training modules, as well as courses on transferable skills and active participation in workshops and conferences.

5. Project Coordinator: Andrea Piccolroaz
6. Deadline for application: June 30, 2021 12:00 Brussels time
7. Website:
8. Link to application:

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