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Internship position as a Flexible Display Technologist at Apple Inc.

Job description for Internship as a Flexible Display Technologist


Job Summary: 

In this position, you will play a critical role in developing and assessing new display technologies in for possible use in Apple products, crafting new designs and intellectual property for Apple, and interacting with multiple partners across the company and with technology and product suppliers to Apple. 


Key Qualifications: 

— Thorough knowledge of Solid Mechanics, Failure Mechanics, and Strength of Materials 

— Experience with wrinkle and thin film mechanics investigation is preferred

— Experience with mechanical characterization is preferred

— Good knowledge in FEA fundamentals and experience in software Abaqus and/or Ansys. 

— Excellent verbal and written interpersonal skills. 



Preferred requirements: Ph.D candidate in mechanical engineering, materials science, or a closely-allied field. 


Please send an email to or with your resume if you are interested.  Thanks. 



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