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Prof. Zhigang Suo and Prof. Frans Spaepen elected to the National Academy of Engineering

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Prof. Zhigang Suo and Prof. Frans Spaepen, of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, have just been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.  They are among 65 new members elected to the NAE in 2008.  Update:  Also elected this year is another mechanician, Robert Dodds, of the University of Illinois.

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I have to mention that both Zhigang and Frans are also great teachers. Their enthusiastic and heuristic lectures are great fortune to me.

Sincere congratulations! 

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Congratulations to Zhigang and Frans on this
highest professional distinctions for engineers.

Congratulations to Professor Suo and Professor Spaepen! I wish you continuous success in both research and education in mechanics and materials!

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it is a great news.

Congratulations to Zhigang and Frans

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Congratulations! Zhigang. That is great!

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Congratulations to Prof. Suo and Prof. Spaepen. You are the good models for all of us. I think it is also a good new to all the researchers in the field of mechanics and materials.

Ying Li Department of Engineering Mechanics Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, P. R. CHINA

This is a well-deserved honor and it is very exciting. 

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Congratuations to ZhiGang !

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This is great honor and as a student member, I congratulate Prof. Suo and Prof. Spaepen for this highest professional honor. That is a good news for the comunity of iMechanica and all researchers in the field of engineering including all students. All the best and success for future.

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Congratulations Zhigang.  It is fortunately to be your student.

 Xiao-Yan Gong, PhD

 As a MEMS design Engineer, I really benefit a lot from Prof Suo's pioneering work in  microstructural fracture mechanics.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Zhigang and Frans. This is great news ! Zhigang is a great advisor and long time mentor to me.  I also appreciate the intriguing discussions with Frans when I gave a seminar at Harvard in 2006. I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely wish Zhigang and Frans all the best.



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 Congratulations! This is wonderful news.  I second Xiaoyan's comments. 


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Congratulations to Frans and Zhigang for this prestigious honor!  I'm so fortunate to have Zhigang as my advisor and long time mentor, and Frans as my Ph.D. thesis committee member.  Both of them are fantastic teachers and great scientists. 

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Congratulations to Zhigang and Frans!


Congratulations to Zhigang and Frans!

Good luck with your research work! 

Such a wonderful news. I second Teng's comments. :)

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Congratulations to Zhigang!

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This is a wonderful news for all Alumni from Xi'an Jiaotong University, especially for those from the Department of Engineering Mechanics. 

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What a wonderful news!!.

I'm so proud and happy since I'm working with Zhigang.

Congratulations to Frans and Zhigang for this honor!  


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It's an exciting news. Congratulations!

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Congratulations to Zhigang!

very encouraging news! 

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Congratulations to Zhigang!


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Dear Prof. Suo,




I am happy that someone of Zhigang's competence, sincerity, transparency, and sense of balance has received this honour. I first came to know of his research in early 1990s (on composites), and later on, of course, his initiative of iMechanica is for all to see.

Congratulations, Zhigang!

-- Ajit


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