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APS 2024 session on inelastic deformations

I wanted to call your attention to a session "Beyond Elasticity: Inelastic Deformations in Soft Matter" at the American Physical Society 2024 March meeting in Minneapolis, USA. Full description below. Please also forward to colleagues conducting research in similar areas.


Real materials are not perfectly elastic, but instead undergo yielding at sufficiently high stress. Deformation beyond the yield point is variously termed inelastic, plastic, or anelastic. Such deformation tends to be strongly non-homogeneous, irreversible, and accompanied by permanent changes to microstructure. This session welcomes contributions on topics such as:
(1) role of plasticity in toughening or strengthening materials
(2) relationship between plasticity, and growth and remodeling in biology
(3) exploiting plasticity for shape morphing
(4) instabilities due to yielding
(5) constitutive modeling of yielding and inelastic deformation in soft materials


Abstract submission link:

Session id: 02.01.06

Cochairs: Sachin VELANKAR, U. Pittsburgh ( and Joel MARTHELOT, Aix-Marseille University,  


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