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USACM Student Chapter Seminar: Quantum Computing for CFD

Merel Schalkers from TU Delft will be presenting (Friday December 15, 2023, 5 PM EST) their latest research on quantum computational fluid dynamics. We invite you to attend the USACM Student Chapter Seminar to learn more about this exciting topic.



Towards scalable and fail-safe quantum computational fluid dynamics using the Boltzmann equation


The unparalleled strengths of quantum computers is their ability to work efficiently in an exponentially large space, at least theoretically. This has been the starting point for research into how this feature can be exploited to solve practical problems on (future) quantum computers that will have a sufficient number of qubits with sufficiently long decoherence time. Recently there has been a boom of research in computational fluid dynamics as a potential application area for quantum computers. As for any other problem that will be ran on a quantum computer, the first challenge to overcome is to cast the problem at hand into a form that fits onto a quantum computer. This basically means to linearise the problem and represent the algorithm as a sequence of unitary operations. Subsequently the problem needs to be loaded into a quantum computer and finally we need to be able to efficiently read out the resulting quantities of interest.

In this talk we will consider the lattice Boltzmann method and propose quantum primitives for the streaming, collision and reflection step. The focus of our talk will be on how to efficiently encode the problem such that we can solve it on a quantum computer.



You can access the Zoom meeting through the link below. We eagerly anticipate your participation.

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