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how can apply a tightening torque

I use the abaqus present , how can apply a tightening torque between an implant (screw) and the bone with abaqus......... thank you





I've got the same problem. I don't know how to apply a torque in Abaqus. Somebody can help us????


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Guys, your best bet is to use a kinematic constraint.  I had a similar problem, but in my case I wanted to apply a rotation to a surface of nodes that only had 3 degrees of freedom (displacements only).  This was effected by the inclusion of the following lines in my .inp file:

 ** Constraint: Constraint-1
*Coupling, constraint name=Constraint-1, ref node=_PickedSet14, surface=_PickedSurf13

 You then can apply the concentrated torque to the reference node.  In my case, I applied a rotation to the reference node.  It is only fair to say that I had to get some support from ABAQUS/Simulia support and generated everything initially in ABAQUS CAE.


Matt Lewis
Los Alamos, New Mexico

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