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Does anyone know how to convert the result of Abaqus/Explicit from .sel file to .fil.

I run a analysis and generate the .sel file. Then, I use commond:

abaqus job=[file name] convert=all

The convert process is completed but i cannot file any .fil file. Does anyone know the reason?

Thank youv very much


HI All


I am trying to define stress values at nodes as initial conditons in abaqus. i have tried all the methods mentioned in manual but could not succeed. can any one help me regarding the same

 thank you very much in advance




Hello Srinivas,

As far as i know there is conventions in ABAQUS, for example you can output stresses only on elements (integration points), displacement on nodes, etc, check the manual

Best regars


Hi Alex,

 I want to convert the .sel file to .fil file. Can u tell me where to put those command? I've tried it by typing the command in the kernel command line interface box (bottom page of the abaqus interface) but clearly it shows a syntax error.  I did not do it right,did i?

In the 'Abaqus Command' start menu option, just navigate to the folder containing your abaqus job. Then issue the command

abaqus convert=select job=<your job name> interactive

 Your job name is to be substituted in the above command including the angular brackets.



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