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As far as I understand from the previous blogs: we can now embed XFEM in ABAQUS. Is this approach restricted to linear elastic behavior? Can we simulate fracture propagation in an elasto-plastic material ("XFEM coupled with ABAQUS" type analysis) or is this approach only limited to fracture propagation in elastic materials.



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Hello, Uno,

There should be no difficulty for plasticity with eX-FEM once you have implemented linear elastic case,

because in practice the only differences between eX-FEM and standard FEM are just shape functions and their corresponding integration technique.  

Any bulk constitutive law used in standard FEM can be used in eX-FEM.



I am very new in Abaqus .I need  2-D and 3-D crack modeling tutorails using Abaqus for fatigue analysis.Please help me if someone have.Please send me tutorails on

Thank you.


Dipak jha


 What is power law exponent,Eq. stress order and time order under creep condition? I have some some vavilable data regarding this matter,that has been collected from literatures.I am mentioning here below:creep exponent is 3,1,1 and correspondingly creep prefcator is 1.39e-7,1xe-2 and 3xe-2.Anisotropic ratio is10.Parabolic growth constant is 1.5e-17m2/sec. so please tell me power exponent value,eq.stress order and time order value.This is the case of three different coating layers.

Thank you.


Dipak Jha.

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