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2D problems in abaqus

I am new to
using Abaqus.

I want to simulate crack propagation analysis using FEM and XFEM
in abaqus to obtain SIF value for a stationary crack for 2D prolems.

Can you explain me how to simulate this problem in abaqus?


[SOLVED] 3D crack growth modelling in Abaqus by XFEM

Good day everyone,

I'm new to iMechanica and look forward to getting to know everyone here. Smile

I'm currently doing analysis of interlaminar crack growth in fibre-reinforced composite by Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) using Abaqus. I'm a new Abaqus user and therefore I have to familiarise myself by constructing random 2D and 3D models with isotropic materials before jumping onto anisotropic.


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As far as I understand from the previous blogs: we can now embed XFEM in ABAQUS. Is this approach restricted to linear elastic behavior? Can we simulate fracture propagation in an elasto-plastic material ("XFEM coupled with ABAQUS" type analysis) or is this approach only limited to fracture propagation in elastic materials.



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