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Challenges in modeling of CNT/polymer composites

Many researchers have already used micromechanical modeling techniques such as Mori-Tanaka (M-T), Self-consistent methods and dilute inclusion models depending on volume fraction and shape of the inclusions, etc., to predict the overall mechanical properties of CNT/polymer composites.  However, we know that at nano scales the phenomenological behavior of material is different in comparison with micro or macro scales. Although the effects of waviness, interactions, agglomeration, etc. of CNTs have successfully investigated, the question is if it is correct to use such modeling techniques in nano scale. Thank you very much for your comments indeed.


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Thie issue, of continuum versus non-continuum behavior, is in my opinion a primary concern in modern mechanics.  Please see the previous discussion thread here

This will be discussed in part in the new Journal Club entry of 1 May!  Please feel free to add to the discussion then.


Dear Xiaodong, Very nice papers! I think such "Experimental" techniques may better describe the overall behavior of CNT/polymer composites. However, I am wondering why there is not any analytical or theoretical techniques for predicting their mechanical properties yet. As I previously mentioned, according to my opinion the "Micromechanical" techniques can not describe their behavior well.

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