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Ansys Failure Criteria

Hello, I am trying to run a laminted composite plate in ansys. I have all the required mechanical properties and the know how to put some of the information. So far, the many trials I did i can't extract the failure criteria results. I want to know whether the plate fails in normal, shear or compression. I appreciate if someone can give me the map of how to get to that result and at what force. what are the step that i have to take in order to get there.




Here, I have dealt with your problem successfully. I implement the code using APDL in ANSYS, which is employed as interface to the main program.

So, I suggest you conduct an subroutine using APDL in ANSYS to link the failure criteria to the main program.

I think the function of ANSYS is not strong for simulating the failure and damage of the laminated structures, especially the plastic post-buckling collapse because I have been concentrating on this reseach recently. 

     Hi! I'm trying to implement a user defined failure criteria in ANSYS but I'm stuck and i don't know where to start! I read the help from ANSYS and some stuff on the Web and i don't understand if i can do it in a standard way using macros or if it is necessary to learn FORTRAN and use the files USRFC1.f to USRFC6.f provided by ansys. It would be of great help if someone could tell me which way to go!

      Another thing: Can someone tell me where can i find the files that contain the code for the predefined failure criteria? Maybe using these and just changing the formulas to match the failure criteria i want to use - Hashin 3D - i would be able to solve my problem!

      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all the guys that take the time to help others! As soon as i find a way to do what i want I'll post it!


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so which would be the best FEM package for the simulation of failure criteria and if so is there any guidance book or papers available apart from the help files mentioned in the package.

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