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ANSYS Laminate Composite Plate

Ansys Tutorial

Composite materials are created by combining two or more layered materials, each with different properties. These materials have become a standard for products that are both light and strong. Composites provide enough flexibility so products with complex shapes, such as boat hulls and surfboards, can be easily manufactured. Engineering layered composites involves complex definitions that include numerous layers, materials, thicknesses and orientations. The engineering challenge is to predict how well the finished product will perform under real-world working conditions.

how to model composite plate in ANSYS to carryout impact testing

Hi i am a student at NUST and i need help to model composite plates in ansys and to carryout their impact testing in ANSYS if anyone can help then please my E-mail is

Finding damping of composite material by using ansys


 Finding damping of composite  material by using ansys

any one please help me in finding damping of any composite material by using ansys  software and what analysis has to be done regarding that one.generally in ansys damping can be given as input but to get damping as the output of composite material how it can be done what model i has to use?


Ansys Failure Criteria

Hello, I am trying to run a laminted composite plate in ansys. I have all the required mechanical properties and the know how to put some of the information. So far, the many trials I did i can't extract the failure criteria results. I want to know whether the plate fails in normal, shear or compression. I appreciate if someone can give me the map of how to get to that result and at what force. what are the step that i have to take in order to get there.



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Question: ANSYS & Laminate Composite Plate

Hi friends
I want to use ANSYS to find the maximum deflection of a laminate composite plate that is made of graphite epoxy .It has 100 mm width and 500 mm length.
The layup is [45(10),0(10)]  (20 Layers).
The plate is simply supported along all 4 edges and is subjected to a uniformly distributed transverse direction load p=10,000 N/m2.

The material properties of the layers are as below: 

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