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Question: ANSYS & Laminate Composite Plate

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Hi friends
I want to use ANSYS to find the maximum deflection of a laminate composite plate that is made of graphite epoxy .It has 100 mm width and 500 mm length.
The layup is [45(10),0(10)]  (20 Layers).
The plate is simply supported along all 4 edges and is subjected to a uniformly distributed transverse direction load p=10,000 N/m2.

The material properties of the layers are as below: 

 [0][45]Longitudinal Young's  Modulus(Gpa)14816.39Transverse Young's  Modulus(Gpa)9.6516.39Longitudinal Shear Modulus(Gpa)4.5538.19Longitudinal Poisson's Ratio0.30.801

according to the above properties I filled the layer properties of shell99 (or solid191).But when I want to solve it,and error occurs due to layer properties of 45 degree plies,I don't know why this error occurs?! I assumed that 45 degree layers are  transverse isotropic material(Is it true?) and with this assumption I've calculated complete material properties required for shell99...

Below is a captured image of the error window of ANSYS:

I appreciate any help



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R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, R&D Engineers, India

Check whether you are inputting major Poisson's ratio or minor ???

If the above error (in ANSYS) occurs, the diagonal elements of the stiffness matrix will become -ve.

You can assume the ply has transversely isotropic properties. For non-zero plies you need not calculate equivalent props. You have to mention layer number, orientation, thickness, material property number.

In material props list, you mention the properties of UD laminate only.

MP, EX,1,148e9


MP,EZ,1,9.65e9 ....etc. This material has a reference number '1'. For 45 degree plies mention the ply angle and material number as '1'


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I followed your advice,and fortunately my problem was solved.Thanks alot.

Laleh Fatahi

ANSYS & Laminate Composite Plate

I´m Mechanic Engenering
student and i have a work about Laminated Composite to do with ansys e
Matlab.I have all this program but i dont know very well how to work
with them. I can send you the statement. to see how you can help me.
Will you help me if you can.

Moisés Jones

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hi this is mukesh

Hi all 


 i am trying to do an analysis for a laminated plate using a shell99 element and i have entered all the required data for this case study

  Simply Supported Laminated Plate Problem Sketch


Material Properties Ex = 25 x 106 N/m2 Ey = 1 x 106 N/m2 υxy = 0.25 (Major Poisson's ratio) Gxy = G = 0.5 x 106 N/m2 Gyz = 0.2 x 106 N/m2 Geometric Properties plate dim = 10*10 m   layer thickness = 0.025 m
The layup is [0,90,90,0}.

The plate is simply supported along all 4 edges and is subjected to a uniformly distributed transverse direction load p=1 N/m2. 

but i always get the following error

young mudulus's ratio must be positive for material 1 element 1


can anyone help me with this error 

give me your e-mail and i'll send you many things than can help you.

SALAMI Babatunde Abiodun
Research Assistant,
College of Engineering Science and Applied Engineering,
Department of Civil Engineering,
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,
Box # 8609, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia.
Tel No:+966535443491

hi dear,

            This is shrishti from india and i am working on wind turbine project. I m new to composite analysis in ansys. If u know about this, then plz provide help.....




    Can anybody please send me the procedure to solve the problem given by Harfoushennium .


m y mail id.




I am coding for the laminated composite plate with all 4 edges fixed using matlab..

before tht i wanna do analysis using the ANSYS .. so can anyone help me regading this..

 (I am confused abt the element to be used for composite plate analysis and also whether i need to take care of the bonding of  laminates)

Problem definition:

Stcq Seq [0 45 90]

thickness of plate: 0.127

Material properties of graphite/epoxy. orthotropic properties




hey u got any answer if u got plz send to this mail i need failure analysis of laminate of glass epoxy in ansys



sir , in ansys they are asking 9 constants but in books 5 are given,  wat to fill in rest.Gzx is not given.

I am doing research on composite rush to solve the problem using Ansys. I do not understand what was the problem, hoping someone can just help me. if any reference you want to send it via mail me with.
I very thank you.

hi, I m working with windmill design and i want to analyze wind mill blade which is also a case in analysis of composite material in Ansys. I don't know anything about this type of analysis in ansys. I really glade to have any support on this post.

 Thanks in advance,

Shrishti malhotra.......

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You may start with 'composites' in ANSYS help. Later you may move on to
problems on composites in Verification Manual (VM).

Best regards,

- Ramadas


i know Mechanics of composite material Micro, macro level analysis, now i want to do

that in ANSYS wright now i am doing it in MatLab, so any one can help me how to generate simple plate with Laminates that contain different orientation in ANSYS , i am not familiar with ANSYS...


I am studying Laminate Composite Plate witf matlab.

Could you send me basic Matlab code.

Thank you so much


I am studying Laminate Composite Plate witf matlab.

Could you send me basic Matlab code.

Thank you so much

My email:

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