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Modeling polyurethane

I've started to look into the modeling of polyurethane.  So far I'v found one paper that specifically looks into how to model the mechanical behavior of PU. It describes a possible constitutive model for PU:

Stress-strain behavior of thermoplastic polyurethanes, Qi,H.J.; Boyce, M.C., Mech. Mater. 2005, 37, 8, 817-839

Does someone know of any other resources on the modeling of PU?  Thanks, Andreas



Thanks for noticing our model.
Although it deals with TPU specifically, it considers the time-dependent and
stretch-induced softening, which are features found in my elastomeric materials.
This also means you can look into other viscoelastoplastic models and find a
proper one for your applications. Of course, you may need to modifiy some
models. You can find a list of papers in the reference of our paper. Good

Also, is a good resource for polymer FEA modeling. 


Hi Jerry,

 I have a few questions regarding your paper:

 In my project I'm also interested in the long-term creep/relaxation behaviour of PU.  In your proposed const. model you  included compression tests with short term strain holding periods (relaxation) to indentify the equilibrium stress-strain response.  It is obvious that the material still relaxes after 60 seconds.  My question now is can I combine this constitutive model with some sort of "pure" viscoelastic model (coefficients derived from either long-term creep/relaxation experiments or from DMA). Or do you think it is possible to lengthen the 60s holding periods?

Thanks very much for your thoughts on this issue.


Thanks for the link.


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