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iMechanica is ranked among top engineering blogs

Zhigang Suo's picture

From time to time people ask if I know other websites like iMechanica but focusing on different branches of engineering.  This morning I saw a recently compiled list of Top Engineering Blogs, and was delighted that iMechanica was ranked close to the top.  I'm aware of the widespread cynicisms among iMechanicians about rankings of all kinds.  But, heck, ranking is good if you are ranked high.  As Freeman Dyson would say, being consistent is a weakness of mind. 

I was led to the list by a post in eContent, another highly ranked engineering blog.  The site also hosts a wiki that collects online learning resources in engineering.  To explore this wiki, you may start with this list of engineering blogs

If you find any of the blogs on these two lists interesting, please tell us by leaving a comment below.


Teng Li's picture

Zhigang, thanks for posting this encouraging news about iMechanica.

A more detailed look into the ranking data of the Top 100 Engineering Blogs shows that, iMechanica is almost at the same level with the three No.3 tiers in 3 out of 4 categories, and is  just a bit of shy in the category of "The number of feed subscribers reported by Bloglines" (in my view, this category is somewhat statistically less representative than the other three categories, since Bloglines is just one of many feed readers people often use, and by no means the most popular one). 

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While scrolling down the Top 100 Engineering Blogs, I found that my blog of "All of Flexible Macroelectronics" ( is ranked No. 34 in the list.  What a pleasant surprise!  Thanks again, Zhigang, for posting the link.

This is very good news for imechanicians, Top Engineering Blogs list is very informative too.


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Zhigang & Teng,

  congratulations also for me.  It is good that you are high in the list of blogs.  Of course, looking at the list, it is I think fair to have Energy higher up, while I find "cooking" a bit frustrating (despite it is well known that Engineers do not cook well, and indeed I am not exception with my only dish "spaghetti and tuna" in the list!).

 Maybe we should study more the list, and the other blogs, to have ideas.  I wonder however if we want to remain always a blog, or we want to experiment also the wiki style.

For now, let's celebrate!

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How Do I Improve My Ranking?

now we only have traffic data for a very small percentage of these
blogs, causing a jam at the bottom of that category. By simply signing
up with Quantcast and adding
their code to your site, you'll automatically jump ahead of the blogs
who haven't when Quantcast starts reporting your numbers.

Quantcast tends to drastically underestimate traffic for sites that
they aren't tracking directly, so even if they do have stats for your blog, those stats could double if you add their code.

Mike Ciavarella's picture


I asked topblogs whey  they did not list these two: here the very interesting and kind answer.


Thanks for the recommendations!  There are actually several good ones at, but we can't include those, regrettably, because traffic
measurements are such an important part of the measurement, and we can't
isolate traffic from a particular subdirectory on a domain.  The problem is
the same for, too.

It may be that we have to abandon that category altogether if we find that
too many blogs are being left out because they don't exist on their own
domain, though, so we'll continue to keep an eye on that.

Thanks again!


So we have a list of all blogs now at:


michele ciavarella

Mike Ciavarella's picture was recently sold for 30millions to the guardian, and Gaia online raises funding.

When imechanica will reach this $millions status?


Guardian Media buys publisher - Yahoo! News UK

The Guardian News & Media has acquired ContentNext, publisher of media and technology business blog, a sign of the growing importance of ...

Gaia Online Gets $11 Million Third Round For Teen-Oriented Virtual World

Joseph Weisenthal
- Mon 14 Jul 2008 09:32 AM PST

Gaia Online,
the teen-oriented virtual world and community site, has raised an $11
million third round led by Institutional Venture Partners. The company
has disclosed over $21 million previously, not including an unspecified
amount from Sony (NYSE: SNE),
bringing its total raise to over $32 million. The virtual worlds space
has seen plenty of activity lately, including some major exits, though
it’s still unclear how things will ultimately shake out. Early leader
Second Life seems to have peaked, while Google (NSDQ: GOOG)
recently dipped its toes in (how far they’ll go with it remains to be
seen). Gaia claims 350,000 unique users daily, and 5 million on a
monthly basis. The San Jose-based company has made virtual goods
transactions central to its business model. Release.




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