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Engineering Mechanics 397: Thin Film Mechanics

Rui Huang's picture

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Place: ECJ 1.214, University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: Rui Huang, WRW 117D, (512) 471-7558,

Lecture notes (coming soon)

Homewrok sets (coming soon)

Brief Outline of Topics

  • Introduction to thin film processes: deposition methods, growth modes, microstructures

  • Stress in thin films: growth stress, epitaxial stress, Stoney formula, wafer curvature

  • Fracture and delamination: channeling cracks, interface debonding

  • Film buckling: buckle-delamination, buckling without delamination (wrinkling), pressurized bulging

  • Plasticity and dislocations: strength and hardening, dislocation formation and interactions

  • Creep and mass transport: grain-boundary diffusion, interface diffusion, deformation mechanisms, stress-induced voiding, electromigration

  • Morphological evolution: chemical potential, surface roughening, self-assembly of quantum dots

Auxiliary notes

Other references

  • Thin Film Materials: Stress, Defect Formation and Surface Evolution, by L.B. Freund and S. Suresh. Cambridge University Press, 2003.
  • Materials Science of Thin Films (2nd ed.), by M. Ohring. Academic Press, 2002.
  • W.D. Nix, Mechanical properties of thin films. Metall. Trans. 20A, 2217-2245 (1989).
  • J. W. Hutchinson and Z. Suo, Mixed-Mode Cracking in Layered Materials. Advances in Applied Mechanics 29, 63-191 (1991).
  • L.B. Freund, The mechanics of dislocations in strained-layer semiconductor materials. Advances in Applied Mechanics 30, 1-66 (1994).
  • Z. Suo,  Reliability of interconnect structures.


  • Prerequisite: a graduate course on solid mechanics.
  • No textbook is required. Notes will be posted periodically.
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