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Solution to PS 2.6

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My previous exposure to solid mechanics is tangential beyond a first semester course in beam bending, beam stretching, and beam torsion. I am a master of Mohr's circle, and am looking to extend my practice in solid mechanics to include interesting problems and applications of the theory of solids.

I studied Engineering Mechanics as an undergraduate, and received a second degree in Mathematics, with a concentration in Applied Math.

My strengths include exposure to much of the math in traditional solid and continuum mechanics, and an imagination. My weaknesses in solid mechanics are manifold, but I'll limit my list to limited exposure to solid mechanics theory, and impatience for solving problems numerically.

I'm working in the Mahadevan group.

I'm looking forward to learning more about interesting problems in soiid mechanics, and enlightening discussions with Prof. Suo and my classmates.

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