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ES 240 Project: Stress in Human Bodies

Physical stresses may bring us unhappy experiences, pain and sourness, even worse, the fracture of bones. Tennis elbow is not a syndrome appearing among tennis players. I believe most of us have this kind unpleasant experience occasionally. Pain or sourness accompanies laterally after over-using our muscle in the same region, waking up with a sour arm after overusing the computer last night, for instance. Surveying some papers I find doctors use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to observe how stresses build up in the pain region and how severe stresses induce fracture.

In my project, I attempt to simulate these stresses in our muscles and use ABAQUS to look insight how the severe stresses damage our muscles and our bones, maybe. In other words, I attempt to observe how people get hurt, and figure out the part that is the most fragile of our bodies. And relate the ABAQUS results to the MRI figures.


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As I was searching for more papers, I stumbled across a paper on the "Physics of Overarm Throwing" which show the forces acting on a persons arm when they throw. This might be of some help.

Rod Cross, Physics of overarm throwing, Am. J. Phys. 72~3, March 2004

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