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Second Newton law sample in Ansys


Have anyone been using ansys (no ls-dyna) to simulate the second Newton law in the X direction? I am getting an issue with it, could you please review the steps below and tell me what I am missing? 1.- geometry: square (problem 2d) over ground2.- Apply vertical load in the square. gravitational effect is not considered (acel y = 0)3.- square displacement over the X direction in a transient analysis (time is taken into account) touch force is ok = friction coefficient * vertical force. however when I check the inertial force having fsum over all the square nodes I don’t get correct results:inertial force is very different than mass * acceleration due to the displacement over the thing that I have checked is the prrsol graphic for the node in which the displacement was applied, it is everytime up and down. 

note: the contact is properly defined and the density and friction coefficient are also included.

Thanks in advance!!!

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