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Seeking Summer Internship Opportunity

I am a second year undergraduate student of IIT Bombay ( the coming summer, we are supposed to undertake an internship with an industrial establishment or a research lab of repute, in or out of India.

In the past i have worked with heat transfer in fluids using Delaunay Triangulation . As I am very much interested to utilize the summer time (two & half months)in doing some good research work in CFD, I don't think industry will be a good option.On the otherhand I will not be able to do internship in foreign universities
without stipend . So I am looking for a paid/partially paid internship
(preferably in US/ Europe) for the next summer.

Kindly suggest me some universities or Professors, where it is
likely to have funding and vacancy for undergraduate researchers. My
resume is attached with this post.

Thank You

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