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Thermonuclear energy by shock waves


                    The reasons of the failure of initiative

          the thermonuclear reaction by shock waves


      1.The failure.

The first thermonuclear reaction had been realized a half century ago - in the hydrogenous bomb. It had been initiated just by the explosive wave because of explosion the "atomic fuse" from dividing material. For industrial using of this scheme the power of explosion must be diminished in a million times; the "atomic fuse" was not suitable for it. It was needed to search the way to form a system of the shock waves securing on a small thermonuclear charge the temperatures the same as it is in a bomb.


      The experimental searches on the solution of this problem are lasting decades. For their realization  was attracted the leading scientists - specialists in this field; was attracted the powerful collectives of excellent engineers; the expenditures are formed the billions dollars. Was attempted the lots of the wonderful by resourceful (and by wit) experimental schemes of the process. But the visible results are absent.

      From that it follows the inevitable conclusion: there are guilty not the experimenters, - the cause lies not in  any defects  of planning or carrying out  of the investigations; the cause lies more deeply.

     2. The reasons.

 Any experiment is planed by proceed from ideas about of the investigation phenomena which have to be investigated - from the accessible for the experimenters theory of this phenomena. From the point of view of this theory also is executed a meaning of the results of that experiment. Just therefore in first turn it is necessary to control the adequacy of the using theory of investigation phenomena, in this case - the contemporary hydrodynamics theory of shock waves.

The strict detailed analysis of the real conditions of existence of the genuine shock waves is contained in the author’s monograph “L.G.Philippenko. Strong Shock Waves in the Continuous Bodies”, see reference [2] in the author's account for the scientific working people about of his executed works “ Genuine shock waves and adiabatic hypothesis” above, in the beginning of this blog. In the monograph also is contained the series of practical recommendations .

          It was ascertained: there are two reasons of the failure of the project:

  a) The mistaken contemporary in general use theory.

The theory of shock waves in general use - as it is given in the text - books, studied in the universities, etc., - which is based on the hypothesis about of the adiabatic character of shock deformations ( in this theory the basis equation of energy is the Hugoniot equation) keeps the physical sense only in  the limits of the elastic deformations: if the deformations in a wave are not elastic, such wave is being accompanied by specific phenomenon - the Shock Heat Transference (or "Shock Heat Exchange") , the particular natural phenomenon, discovered by author (this discovery was fixated in the article: Л.Г.Филиппенко. Следствия из уравнения Гюгонио. Сб. «Гидромеханика», вып. 36,  Киев, «Наукова думка», 1977г. English text , L.G.Philippenko. "The consequences from the Hugoniot equation", see  in FilesAnywhere). Such wave is, therefore, not adiabatic one, the Hugoniot equation is not valid on it, and the theory which had based on this equation is able to lead only to a false conclusions. But just not elastic - with the Shock Heat Transference - are that strong shock waves which are used in all experiments upon the initiative of thermonuclear reaction, - meanwhile they always are considered (both under planning and under comprehending of its results) from point of view not adequate for them adiabatic theory. The groundless suppositions and false conclusions in such case are inevitable.

  b) The unfit tool of the investigation.

The elastic deformation  is reversible: the adiabatic theory, which is adequate for it, leads to a false conclusions when applies to not elastic - and therefore not reversible - processes. Here is necessary to use the general thermodynamics theory. The successive using of the second principle of thermodynamics to strong shock waves (Chapter V of the monograph) shows: in the conditions in which were  conducted most of  experiments the principal instrument of the exercise influence over the material - the shock waves - indeed had not been realized: theirs appearance at that conditions are not permitted  by the second principle of thermodynamics. Instead of them there had been realized the ordinary continuous waves. But influence on the material of continuous waves  - independently from the steepness of its front - essentially differs from the influence of shock waves.

      The indicating circumstances forms, on the present time, the principal reasons of the failure of initiative the thermonuclear reaction by shock waves. 


The series author’s articles on shock waves problems see on site “Shock Heat Transference” at URL:












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