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Time depended modeling of plate


i'm working on the modeling of thin plate under transverse load. The basic function used for approximation of field variable is RBF function. There are a lot of publications, how the static model of the plate can be created, but no information about dynamic modeling. The following questions are not clear for me:

- RBF function depends only on the place. For static problem, it will be calculated only once using the information about placement of points and centers. Over the time the position of points and also centers can be changed,  if i use RBF for time-depended problems.  Should i calculate RBF every time step with new coordinates of x and y, if the problem two-dimentional or RBF stays constant, time independed and use only initial information about points and centers placement?

- Can i compare the Navier solution of thin plate deflection, which is supposed for static problems, with my modeling results for dynamic problem?

- The two boundary conditions, f.e. w=0 and M=0, should be prescribed for plates. I'm interesting on the deflection of the plate and the information about stress is not ralated for me. Can i omit the second boundary condition without influence on the accuracy of simulation?

I would appreciate any comments you may have. Many thanks for reading.

Regards, Mike

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