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Surface Based Fluid Cavities, and inflators

I've been tasked with creating a 3D model of a demo inflatable
structure here in our lab. The goal is to inflate it in ABAQUS, and I
have been making some progress in using the *FLUID CAVITY keyword.
However I'm noticing odd things in my results. I have the pressure of
the gas increase to 4psi in a tabular form, however as I watch the
frame by frame, the stress concentrations on the structure vary oddly,
and the model deforms oddly. Almost as if it was a ball being pressed
back and forth against the floor, expand contract, that kind of deal.
I'm not really sure what is causing it.

Another problem I seem to have, is a few jobs I run, the input file
gets submitted and cleared, but ABAQUS never attempts to start
ABAQUS/Explicit, it just sits there int he running state. When I
monitor it, no signs of incrementation is occuring, however the process
is running in the background, it happens on any new jobs I run since
yesterday. Older saved .cae files work fine.

Last problem I'm having at the moment, is more of a how-to question. We
want this model to inflate from 0psi to operating pressure, but I can't
seem to figure it out in ABAQUS. I've read over the example file on the
side impact airbag, but I can't seem to figure out how to get a
reference mesh, and then the mesh of the folded structure.

If anyone can help, I greatly appreciate. I hate asking for help, but
I've been stuck on this for a few long days. I can submit my input
files if anyone thinks th at may help.

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