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Nonlinear stick-spiral model for predicting mechanical behavior of single-walled carbon nanotubes

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(PRB,74,245428,2006)  Based on a molecular mechanics concept, a nonlinear stick-spiral model is developed to investigate the mechanical behavior of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). The model is capable of predicting not only the initial elastic properties (e.g., Young’s modulus) but also the stress-strain relations of a SWCNT under axial, radial, and torsion conditions. The elastic properties, ultimate stress, and failure strain under various loading conditions are discussed and special attentions have been paid to the effects of the tube chirality and tube size. Some unique mechanical behaviors of chiral SWCNTs, such as axial strain-induced torsion, circumferential strain-induced torsion, and shear strain-induced extension are also studied. The predicted results from the present model are in good agreement with existing data, but very little computational cost is needed to yield them.

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Sorry to all, especially to Haiyi.

I wanted to delete the old attatchment then upload a new version. However, I deleted by mistake the whole topic. And the comments posted by Haiyi was gone as well. So I posted the topic again, and say sorry to all.

**Please dont treat this accident as a dual publication, :-) 

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We now have several incidents that people accidentally delete their posts.  You might be interested in an early exchange on deleting a post.  Perhaps iMechanica should remove the "delete" button, so that nobody will run into the same problem.  

Hello, Prof. Suo.

I agree with you, however, we need to keep the function of "delete" for admin and/or moderators since there might be an advertising post (like spam post) irrelevant to discussions at iMechanica. A couple of days ago, I deleted the post that advertised some irrelevant website.


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Thank you, Prof. Suo.

I agree with you that "delete" function is better to be removed. If someone want his/her post deleted, he/she may ask administrator to do it.

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