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Green-Lagrange Strain Components

How can it be proved that the Green-Lagrange strain components include the rigid body motions?


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Hi Surajitdas,

 Consider a rigid body for example a plane motion. Give some translatory motion to this. Define initial and final co-ordinates of the body.

U = final position - initial position = U(x,y).

Calculate Green - Lagrange starin tensor => E = 1/2(GardU+(GradU)^T+GradU*(GradU)^T). This vanishies.

I hope this helps.


- Ramdas

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Hi Surajitdas,

The Green-Lagrange strain does not include rigid body motion. Precisely, that is why it is very useful in large deformation analysis and other nonlinear analysis, Refers to the book:

G. HOLZAPFEl. Nonlinear Solid Mechanics. A continuum approach for engineering. John Wiley & Son, 2000.


Mario Juha

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