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First ply failure of composite panels using ABAQUS

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I am using ABAQUS Software for analysis of laminated composite plates (279X279X2.16) and (0/90)4s having 16 plies; trying to perform Buckling and Post buckling analysis using Static Rik’s algorithm.

Firstly, Eigen value analysis is performed in step one, and thus bulking load is predicated.Then Eigen values are incorporated in Static Rik’s Non-linear analysis for imperfection (1% of first Eigen mode,0.05% of second Eigen mode, 0.025% of third mode and 0.025% of forth mode)using edit keywords method.

Value of Failure stresses are also incorporated in step2, i.e Static-Rik’s. Tsai-Hill criterion for the prediction of first fiber failure is used. Analysis gets successfully finished, and Load-Displacement curve also fallows the expected trend. Buckling load estimated is also as expected. But Component doesn’t fail, I mean value of Tsai-Hill criterion doesn’t reach to 1; hence unable to predict first fiber failure.

(I am Using composite lay-up approach in edit field output, for prediction of failure). Please provide some guidance, what must be going wrong in the process?

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