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Lightweight structures

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For those of you interested in the geometry of light frameworks and models for extremely porous materials, here are a couple of links. The first one contains two 3D objects. You need Java to view them.


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Here is the best known model for foams (having bubbles of equal volume).

-- Ruggero Gabbrielli

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This is very interesting. Can you introduce some references or papers about this research please? Has it anything to do with topology or shape optimization?

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This article contains all the references you need: 

Of course it has to do with topology and shape optimization. I have been mainly interested in the first one so if you have valid references for the second please post them.

The idea is to fill space with the least amount of material possible and still create a structure able to support loads. This is a geometrical challenge, feel free to have a go with your own ideas.

-- Ruggero Gabbrielli

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