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Relationship between stress and magnetism

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What are the effects of magnetism on stresses while material is under loading condition?Is there any relationship between magnetism and stress?




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I believe it depends on material properties

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Yeah, sure it depends on material properties but are the stresses change cause of magnetization while loading? suppose the material is iron and it undergoing some loading at the same time it also magnetize so the stresses are same in case of without magnetization?


Let us assume that the material is exhibiting magnetic properties because of the presence of an electromagnetic field.  The field exerts a force per unit volume on the material.  This force is a body force.  A balance of momentum will have to take the body force into account.  The equilibrium stress state will therefore be different from that without any electromagnetic field.

-- Biswajit 


Dear Shantaram,

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Thanks everyone!

Sorry for late reply:)


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