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Snap-through instability of graphene on substrates

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T. Li, Z. Zhang, Snap-through instability of graphene on substrates, Nanoscale Research Letters,DOI: 10.1007/s11671-009-9460-1 (2009). (Open access)

We determine the graphene morphology regulated by substrates with herringbone and checkerboard surface corrugations. As the graphene-substrate interfacial bonding energy and the substrate surface roughness vary, the graphene morphology snaps between two distinct states: 1) closely conforming to the substrate and 2) remaining nearly flat on the substrate. Since the graphene morphology is strongly tied to the electronic properties of graphene, such a snap-through instability of graphene morphology can lead to desirable graphene electronic properties that could potentially enable graphene-based functional electronic components (e.g. nano-switches).

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