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Iterations in VUMAT

Dear all,

I' m trying to make a model in VUMAT for shape memory alloy based on Lagoudas 's thermomechanical constitutive model. It seems that It's necessary an iteration to evaluate the thermoelastic prediction.

My questions are : is it possible to use an iterative loop in the VUMAT or it's better to avoid it??Could someone suggest me a different way so that I can avoid the iterative loop?

Many thanks,




hua_2001's picture

you can do it by interaction method.  you also can take advantage of the mini incremental time step to solve the related variable in vumat directly.

Hi hua_2001,

thanks for answering.

Could you suggest me a good paper or book about interaction method? Have you ever worked with shape memory alloy.I find difficult to create the dipendence from martensitic volume fraction.

Any suggestion will be appreciate.


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