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rupture of Cu films

Dear Prof. Li, i have made two figures about rupture strains of  films on elastomer according to the datas shown in your papers-- "Deformability of thin metal films on elastomer substrates" International Journal of Solids and Structures 43 (2006) 2351–2363. and "Stretchability of thin metal films on elastomer substrates" APL85(2004). According to the papers, the stiffer or thicker the elastomer substrates, the larger rupture strains, then where would be the curve with H/h =200? Whether the rupture strain is even large, according to your simulations?

thanks a lot!


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Rongmei, the rupture strain of a metal film on an elastomer substrate depends on both their relative thickness and stiffness.  If the elastomer is assumed to keep hardening when strained (e.g., as a Neo-Hookean solid), the rupture strain of the metal film will continue increasing as the elastomer stiffness increases.  The increase of rupture strain due to the increase of substrate thickness, however, would become marginal when the thickness ratio is above some critical value.  In other words, further increase of substrate thickness helps little to improve the rupture strain of the film.  While further calculations are necessary to give a more accurate answer to your question, I speculate the rupture strain of the metal film with H(sub)/h(film)=200 will be comparable to that of the metal film with H(sub)/h(film)=50, as shown in Fig.5 in our IJSS paper.  Hope this is helpful.

BTW, can you provide the figure cations in your attachment.


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