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Contact analysis in Abaqus

Dear Friends. 

                   I am trying to model a moving truck on a bridge . Initially I want to try doing a static analysis. For this , I have modeled tyres as analytically rigid cylinders and, placing them on the solid slab element . After this i have applied a velocity boundary condition to the rigid cylinder , and also a load ( Pointing in the direction of gravity) to the reference point . 

                   I have also defined a interaction( Surface-to Surface) between the cylinder and the slab with Normal Contact condition . I am getting an error saying " The slave surface nodes are penetrating the Master surface " . Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem and if possible say whether i will get what i am expecting after doing all this .


Thanks a lot in advance ...



I dont know the entire problem but you can chekc that Master Surface should be the rigid body and the slave surface should be the elastic body.

Thanks for the suggestion . I had chosen the rigid body as the master surface and the deformable already.

I am actually modeling a bridge subjected to loads from a moving truck , in which case I have to model a moving load , which is making my job difficult .I am attempting to move a rigid cylinder
over the slab surface. For which i need to define interaction . I am assigning
velocity BC and a concentrated force at the Reference point of the rigid body .
the analysis is getting aborted .  I am
not able to find out the problem. Please send in your suggestions , if you have
any , they'll be of help for sure .

I am accord with other comment:

- Analytical rigid surface: Master surface

- Solid slab element: Slave surface

But I understand that you have only one slab element, I think maybe this is the problem . La slave surface must be mesh with elements smaller than the elements  of the master surface.

My advice is that you mesh with more slab elements the slave surface, and these must be smaller than ones of the rigid surface. 

Dear friend , thanks for the suggestion .

the master surface is a rigid surface , therefore cannot be meshed . The slab is already meshed . But the problem still persists . please keep posting your suggestions., will be of help for sure



Dear Chethan

I think checking the normal direction of 2 contact surfaces (they must be toward each other) can be useful. 

how to check the normal direction for a rigid body?

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