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ASME IMECE2010 Symposium on Multifunctional Material Systems

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The ASME Multifunctional Materials Technical Committee of the Materials Division is organizing a symposium on Multifunctional Material Systems at IMECE2010 to be held in Vancouver, Canada, during Nov. 12-18, 2010.

Tentative abstract submission deadline: March 1, 2010

To submit your abstracts to this symposium, select Track 15 – Processing and Engineering Applications of Novel Materials and Topic 15-8 . At the end of the abstract, you can also indicate which subtopic (see below) you would like to contribute to.

Symposium Description:

Multifunctional materials are a class of material systems that combine multiple functions including mechanical, electronic, optical, magnetic, acoustic, and/or biological functions, and are capable of exhibiting diverse physical responses when subjected to various external conditions. Multifunctional material systems are at the forefront of current science and technology and are expected to bring important breakthroughs in various technological fields. List of the subtopics and organizers for IMECE 2010 are as following

Nanostructures and Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting, Conversion and Storage (Junhong Chen, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; Bingqing Wei, University of Delaware)

Nanostructured materials (Yong Zhu, North Carolina State University; Xi Chen, Columbia University)

Bioinspired materials and structures (Zhenhai Xia, University of Akron; Seyed Allameh, Northern Kentucky Univeristy)

Materials for environmental impact (Xi Chen, Columbia University)

Materials for renewable energy (Seyed Allameh, Northern Kentucky Univeristy)

High temperature materials (Vikas Tomar, University of Notre Dame)

BioMEMS (Hugh Bruck, University of Maryland; Vikas Tomar, University of Notre Dame)

Computational nanoscale materials (Cristian Ciobanu, Colorado School of Mines)

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