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Mohr Coulomb model -Cap model


I have a problem with the simulation of Mohr Coulomb problem. I want to set the properties of a sand. I use the experimental data from papers and i try to find the bearing capacity for a footing on sand. I set density ρ, E modulus of elasticity , ν Poissoin's ratio and for the Mohr Coulomb model i set φ shear strength, ψ dilatancy , c cohesion (a very small value=0.00001 ) for strain 0 . Does it need anything else? Does it need for hardening parameters any diagram for cohesion -plastic strain for the Mohr Coulomb model? 

I tried to do the same for the same sand with the Cap model. The results give a enough smaller bearing capacity for Cap model in contrast to Tables for bearing capacity for the corresponding φ and a bigger bearing capacity for a Mohr Coulomb model. What is the problem?

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