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Why should I write a descriptive title for my comment

A comment consists of two fields, labeled as "Subject" and "Comment". After you submit the comment, the Subject will appear on the right side of iMechanica, under "Recent comments", a most popular feature of iMechanica. You want to make sure that the Subject line accurately reflects the content of your comment, capturing reader's attention yet not being sensational.

If you leave the field of Subject blank, the software will fill it with the first few words of your comment. These words may not be most descriptive of your comment. Also, subject line like "Thank you" or "I don't believe this!" may not be descriptive of the content, either.

One way to make sure your Subject line is descriptive is to write it last, after you have finished writing the body of your comment. By then you are certain of the content of your comment, and it is the matter of summing it up with a descriptive title. It will be fun and rewarding.

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