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Modeling anisotropy with abaqus


Is there anyone out there that can suggest a suitable subroutine in abaqus for modeling anisotropy. I know about the potential option in abaqus CAE that uses hill`s criteria to define different yield ratios in different directions but the aluminum alloy i`m working with is almost isotrop at yield limit but strongly anisotrop at ultimate tensile stress and in plastic strain . So i need to use a subroutine that takes all these properties into considration.

I appreciate any help

 Best Regards

 Ali Khajehgani


Dear Ali,


take a look at CrachFEM

This is a user material model accounting for anisotropic material behavior by providing various yield locus descriptions like Hill48, Hill90, Barlart2000, Dell2006 ...

In addition you can activate failure models for ductile normal, ductile shear failure and a sheet instability model due to localized necking.

And much more like anisotropic hardening, tension-compression asymmetry (important by titanium or Mg-alloys) ...


Martin J. Gross

I just wonder the way that I can find access to the Crach FEM model that you mentioned.i mean it semas a user defined material but where can I find it s code.

I want to use it for implementation of a material model for the anisotropic hardening material behaviour in Abaqus.


Thanks i advance

Amit Pandey's picture

Hello martin

 I am trying to model a composite material with different tension and
compression modulus (elastic analysis).  Any idea how to do it?


Thanks for help.

It is possible that Abaqus/CAE does not yet support the anisotropic hyperelastic models. Unfortunately, not all features of Abaqus is available in CAE it possible to add the anisotropic hyperelastic commands and values directly into the inp-file.?is it necessary to create a .f file to realize the computation?.

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