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Young Scientist is Looking for Assistance

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Dear Members,

 I am looking for Researcher, Ass. Prof. or Post. Doc position in the field of Fatigue and fracture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and its alloys.

My name is Roman A. Pochinkov. I am a Docent (Assistant Professor) at the “Mechanical Engineering Department” of the Federal State Educational Institution of the Higher Professional Education “Admiral F.F.Ushakov Maritime State Academy” (The Russian Federation). Essentially, I study mechanical engineering with emphasis on damage accumulation process in engineering structures (including ferrous and non-ferrous metals and its alloys) and fatigue crack growth on various stages of mechanical loading. In addition, I investigate numerical approaches to analysis of the stress-deformed conditions of damaged structural elements (including FEM programming) and interest in computational analysis of the fluid dynamics (including fluid-structure interaction problem and CFD programming). In brief, I am working in the field of dynamics, structural integrity of machines, mechanisms and engineering structures, which are widely used in modern transportation infrastructure (sea going vessels, naval ships, civil and military aircrafts and etc).

At the Academy I teach the following courses: “Theoretical & Applied mechanics”, “Theory of strength of materials”, “Modern computer-aided design systems (CAD, CAM and CAE)”. I have professional knowledge in CAD\CAM systems (ASCON Kompas 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD, SolidWorks), CAE systems (ANSYS Multiphysics, COSMOS, MSC.Nastran), CFD systems (ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, TESIS Workflow), SCADA systems (National Instruments LabView), scientific calculations (PTC MathCAD, Mathworks MathLAB, SPSS Statistics) programs, Raster (Adobe Photoshop) and 3D (Autodesk 3D Studio MAX) graphical programs. I also know certain programming languages (Visual Basic/VBA, Delphi, FORTRAN and C++).

I have strong practical skills in experimental investigations of the mechanical properties of metals and its alloys in case of static and dynamic loading (low-cycle fatigue, high-cycle fatigue), experience in analysis of the stress-deformed conditions of different constructions with various structure (solid materials, composite materials, multilayer coatings), various mechanical behaviour (elastic materials, plastic materials, elasto-plastic materials), various exploitation conditions (static loading, dynamic loading, impact loading, explosive loading). I am able to conduct the research in the field of both creation of new experimental equipment and modernization of old one (several test benches was developed during preparation of my Ph.D. project).If interested I am ready to review all proposals (e-mail:; blog: 

Best regards,Roman A. Pochinkov

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