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IOSO and ANSYS to provide a joint Webinar on Robust Design Optimization


Sigma technology to participate in ansys RDO webinar series

Multilevel Robust Design Optimization IOSO technology coupled with ANSYS CFX will be shown for real-life application

November 18, 2010 – during joint webinarwith ANSYS, Inc., SigmaTechnology, international provider of the high efficient IOSO multi-objective design optimization software, will present their Robust Design Optimization approach for real-life CFD tasks. Automatic coupled solution of ANSYS CFX and IOSO will be demonstrated on the examples from High Tech industries. Our RDO approach implies the automatic usage of various fidelity models (3-D CFD simulation as a high-fidelity model and an adaptive surrogate modelas a low-fidelity model). The involvement of adaptive surrogate model allows a user to sufficiently increase the solution speed of RDO problem in full stochastic statement and makes it possible to handle it in the appropriate time limit without the use of extraordinary hardware resources.

The brief info to the webinar:

The Methodology of Real-Life Robust Design Optimization: Practical Application of IOSO Optimization and ANSYS CFX for RDO Problems

Thursday,November 18, 2010
9:00 A.M. EDT, 2:00 P.M. GMT

Duration:60 minutes

Solutions obtained by means of mathematical modeling and optimization techniques in many cases are hard to implement in real life. This is largely due to the fact that while stating and solving optimization tasks by traditional (deterministic) approach, as a rule, various uncertainties influencing the efficiency of the designed system in real life conditions are not taken into consideration. An extreme value of efficiency obtained from anoptimization problem solved in a deterministic way may sometimes be a non-optimal design from a practical implementation point of view.

In recent years, probabilistic design analysis and optimization methods have been developed to account for uncertainty and randomness through stochastic simulation and probabilistic analysis. These methods can be classified as a new scientific direction named "Robust Design Optimization" (RDO), and are based on a combination of analysis tools having various levels of fidelity(for example 3-D CFD simulation as a high-fidelity tool and an adaptive surrogate model as a low-fidelity tool). IOSO optimization software offers a fully automatic procedure for the multi-objective optimization of complex systems based upon the adaptive use of analysis tools. This approach ensures the possibility to search for a Pareto-optimal set of solutions, and also allows for automatically improving the surrogate mathematical model during the solution of the RDO problem.

Target Industries: Turbomachinery and Aerospace. All Industries.

The link to on-line Webinar registration…


About Sigma Technology

For more than 25 years Sigma Technologyhas developed and implemented highly efficient methods of improving complextechnical systems.  The company startedby assuming that the existence of mathematical models (no matter how completeand accurate they are) and engineering applications (no matter how powerfulthey are) is not enough for the successful design and modification of modernengineering systems. To create competitive alternatives, it is required tointegrate either mathematical models, actual prototypes or engineeringapplications with the engineering exploration methods inside a unified“optimization environment.”  SigmaTechnology calls this environment “optimization technology” and has developedthe unique technology of nonlinear multidimensional optimization—IOSOtechnology (Indirect Optimization on the basis of Self-Organization). For moreinformation visit  


About ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS, Inc., founded in 1970,develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologieswidely used by engineers, designers, researchers and students across a broadspectrum of industries and academia. The Company focuses on the development ofopen and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly onthe desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-consciousproduct development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation.The Company and its global network of channel partners provide sales, supportand training for customers. Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.,with more than 60 strategic sales locations throughout the world, ANSYS, Inc.and its subsidiaries employ over 1,600 people and distribute ANSYS productsthrough a network of channel partners in over 40 countries. Visit for more information.



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