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The Developer of Multiobjective IOSO Optimization Software is participating in the 11th Annual FLOW-3D European Users Conference as a sponsor


IOSO Multiobjective Optimization Technology for Research and Investigations Program


We start a three-year program for academician researchers, PhDs and etc. We suppose that our multiobjective IOSO optimization technology may help you in your research and investigations. 


What we offer for you:

Academic licenses of unique and powerful design optimization software based on IOSO optimization technology for free. 

What we anticipate from you:

Record of ANSYS - IOSO Robust Optimization for CFD Webinar

Dear Colleagues,

The official version of ANSYS - IOSO RDO for CFD Webinar record is available:

After the filling the form you can immediately start watching.

IOSO Optimization for Turbomachinery new Video Tutorials


We would like to offer you step by step Video Tutorials of IOSO Optimization coupled with Concepts NREC and NUMECA software:

1) by this we show how easily you can use direct integration capabilities between IOSO and Concepts NREC software to solve optimization tasks in turbomachinery

2) here we consider IOSO – NUMECA coupled solution on the example of an optimization case study for turbomachinery

IOSO Multilevel Robust Design Optimization Methodology

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to share our thoughts about our approach to Robust Design Optimization and our way how we sufficiently increase the speed of solution of RDO problems in full stochastic statement with the involvement of probability objectives and adaptive surrogate model construction tools.

IOSO and ANSYS to provide a joint Webinar on Robust Design Optimization


Sigma technology to participate in ansys RDO webinar series

Multilevel Robust Design Optimization IOSO technology coupled with ANSYS CFX will be shown for real-life application


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that at the conference Inverse Problems, Design and Optimization Symposium (IPDO) that was held in João Pessoa, Brazil from 25-27 of August, 2010 the results of application of IOSO optimization software were presented for a new complex class of optimization problems: Design of Molecules.

IOSO optimization benchmarking from Japan

Dear Colleagues, 

Our company, the leader provider of Global Optimization Software based on unique Optimization technology IOSO, regularly takes the opportunity to test their software on well-known, special and in-house benchmarks. With the help of famous scientists using our software, our partner companies and our representatives as well as our customers we are ready to show that IOSO is capable to solve various types of optimization tasks coming from various sources. 

The use of IOSO Optimization and ABAQUS at Civil Structures of NPP (from ABAQUS Users' Conference)

At the stage of NPP civil structure design for determination of stress-strain state (SSS) at static and dynamic loading ABAQUS is widely used. Hereto the floor response spectra are determined for calculation of loadings on the equipment at special dynamic impacts (seismic, air shock wave, aircraft crash). In case if the obtained characteristics of SSS or spectral accelerations exceed maximum permissible values, designers take actions on strengthening the corresponding structural components.

IOSO application for casting processes

Dear Colleagues,

New practical case studies made with the aides of IOSO in new engineering fields prove universal capabilities of IOSO Optimization Technology applicable to wide variety of real-life problems. Let us provide you the brief description of the problem that was solved by Italian engineering consultancy company XC Engineering for the well-known Swiss production firm Buhler. The problem was to search for the optimal velocity of the piston in an HPDC process. 


What we call Robust Design Optimization (IOSO RDO Application example)

Nowadays there are many technologies that people call Robust Design Optimization. Among them one can encounter for example such popular methods like six-sigma.

another practical optimization problem (IOSO vs Genetic Algorithm)

Dear Colleagues,

Let us continue viewing the efficiency of the application of various optimization methods on practical optimization problems.


IOSO vs Genetic Algorithm (comparison on practical optimization problem)

Dear Colleagues,

Here we would like to offer you the summary from a published work concernign the optimization of industrial object. The work describes the application of parallel IOSO algorithms and parallel genetic algorithm PGA for the solution of optimization of 3D serpentine cooling passage inside a turbine blade.




IOSO coupled with NUMECA application examples in turbomachinery

Dear Colleagues,

IOSO optimization technology has been used in turbomachinery for more than 20 years and applied on real-life objects like aircraft and power engines. Let me offer you some more examples.


First example:

Sigma Technology shares the success of aircraft buiders (IOSO news)

29 January 2010 New Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter made his first flight. This aircraft was designed by company Sukhoi with the new engines designed by NPO Saturn. We would like to express our proud and mention that both companies have used IOSO Optimization software as a regular part in their design and development technological cycle.

New IOSO optimization software application examples in turbomachinery

Dear Colleagues.

Let us introduce you some new application examples of IOSO optimization technology employment in turbomachinery.



First example is the application of IOSO software connected with Concepts NREC software aimed at improving efficiency of 10-stages compressor, you can download it from here

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