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Genetic Algorithm

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Simulation-based numerical optimization of arc welding process for reduced distortion in welded structures

This paper presents an effective numerical approach for welding process
parameter optimization to minimize weld-induced distortion in
structures. A numerical optimization framework based on coupled Genetic
Algorithm (GA) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is developed and
implemented for a low and a high fidelity model. Classical weakly
coupled thermo-mechanical analysis with thermo-elasto-plastic
assumptions is carried out for distortion prediction of numerical
models. The search for optimum process parameters is executed by direct
integration of numerical models and GA-based optimization technique. The
developed framework automatically inserts the process parameters into
the simulation models, executes the FE-based welding simulations and

another practical optimization problem (IOSO vs Genetic Algorithm)

Dear Colleagues,

Let us continue viewing the efficiency of the application of various optimization methods on practical optimization problems.


IOSO vs Genetic Algorithm (comparison on practical optimization problem)

Dear Colleagues,

Here we would like to offer you the summary from a published work concernign the optimization of industrial object. The work describes the application of parallel IOSO algorithms and parallel genetic algorithm PGA for the solution of optimization of 3D serpentine cooling passage inside a turbine blade.




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