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Call for Book chapters to be published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group)

We are inviting chapters for our proposed book on “Smart Technologies for Improved Performance of Manufacturing Systems and Services”.


To be published by CRC Press (Taylor n Francis Group), USA; Book series: Advances in Intelligent Decision-Making, Systems Engineering, and Project Management.


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Simulation-based numerical optimization of arc welding process for reduced distortion in welded structures

This paper presents an effective numerical approach for welding process
parameter optimization to minimize weld-induced distortion in
structures. A numerical optimization framework based on coupled Genetic
Algorithm (GA) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is developed and
implemented for a low and a high fidelity model. Classical weakly
coupled thermo-mechanical analysis with thermo-elasto-plastic
assumptions is carried out for distortion prediction of numerical
models. The search for optimum process parameters is executed by direct
integration of numerical models and GA-based optimization technique. The
developed framework automatically inserts the process parameters into
the simulation models, executes the FE-based welding simulations and

2D modelling of laser welding

while carrying out a simple 2D analysis of welding of butt joint considering the source of constant heat flux and applying it at certain nodes as constant heat flux, i encountered a problem that it says that the temperature at particular node is exceeding the pre set limit and no solution is obtained. I am a freshman in Ansys so any help in this regard will be helpful

Regarding weld bead meshing.


please help me to mesh the bead on the plate type of weld model.

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Professorship in Robot Welding

Tallinn University of Technology
(TUT) announces the competition for the following professorial position supported by EU within
Activity 2 of the Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Programme DoRa:

Professor of Robot Welding at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TUT

Period: 01/09/2011-31/08/2014

Deadline for applications:  May
31th, 2011

Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Friction Welding

We present an application of ADINA in the thermo-mechanical analysis of friction welding. Please see:

You can find many other examples of applications of ADINA in the analysis of multiphysics problems here:

Thermo-mechanical model of friction stir welding

My name is Aurelio Tronci and I am a PhD student at the University of Cagliari (Italy). My research topics are related to friction stir welding (FSW). The work done so far has focused on the application of the DOE technique in order to investigate the influence of welding parameters on the microstructural and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys (AA 2198 T3-T8) joints. At the moment I am interested in the development of a thermo-mechanical model of FSW with CFD, but I find it really difficult to find material constants (Sellars and Tegart law) for all the alloys I have to test.

Looking for Post Doc position in Finite Element modeling of manufacturing process

hi, i am Fawad and I am from Pakistan and i am looking for a possible position as post doc researcher in the general area of modeling of manufacturing processes like EDM, Welding. i have exp of modeling welding and Rapid Prototyping process and presently i am working on the development of model for EDM process, i already have 08 journal publication since 2005. My area of research during PhD deals with the thermo-mechanical modeling of welding based Rapid Prototyping with emphasis on reduction of residual stresses and deformations.

Abaqus cylindrical

I am currently simulation arc welding process. i have performed plate butt welding using abaqus software. Dflux subroutine was used and the heat source model i used is goldak double ellipsoidal model.

Now i want to apply this technique to the welding of pipes, but currently i am having difficulty with the nodal coordinates. I have defined my glodal CS to cylindrical coordinate system in part and assembly defintion. But after generating the mesh the input file contain nodal coordinates in cartesian coordinates.

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