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moving heat source

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Subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS

Dear Mechanicians,

time and again the question of modeling moving heat sources pops up, often in the context of laser heating.

One can achieve this using the subroutine DFLUX in ABAQUS.

I decided to post some links here to avoid responding with a longer explanation to every individual seeking assistance.

Please note that I have never worked with any one of these codes and have no access to ABAQUS at present.

No warranty is given by me.

Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis of The Laser Deposition Process

We present an interesting application of ADINA for simulating the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) process, widely used for rapid prototyping in different industries:

Please recall that we offer a very attractive academic package, for research and teaching, for university users. For more information see:

Simulate moving laser beam on a plate in ANSYS

Hi everyone!

I've been trying ansys for a few weeks but in vain. I'm trying to inject a heat source(laser) on a 2D rect plate. I'm not sure on the corrct way to add the boundary conditions. This is what I do:

1. assuming room temp so i added 298K to the bottom, left and right using define loads >add_temp>lines i inject a heat source say 1000K using define loads>add_temp_on nodes to a few surface center nodes (meaning the top surface still have undefine boundary conditions)  

moving heat sourse (laser) in ansys

hi everybody ,

i m quite new wd the ansys ,and was trying to simulate a problem of moving heat sourse  (laser )

laser is having a gaussian beam distribution and has to move wd some velocity over a face of the plate .how could i model heat distribution of the laser and how coulad i move it wd some velocity.. 

i hope i m clear,plz help me out. 

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