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New book announcement

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The 3rd Edition of Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics  by  Art Boresi, Ken Chong and James Lee has been published by Wiley. It has been prized by many educators, researchers and engineers as an easy-to-navigate guide to an area of engineering science that is fundamental to aeronautical, civil, and mechanical engineering, and to other branches of engineering. With its focus not only on elasticity theory, including nano- and biomechanics, but also on concrete applications in real engineering situations, this acclaimed work is a core text in a spectrum of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and a superior reference for engineering professionals. With more than 200 graphs, charts, and tables, this 3rd Edition includes:

  •  Clear explorations of such topics as deformation and stress, stress-strain-temperature relations, plane elasticity, thermal stresses, and end loads;

  •  Discussions of deformation and stress treated separately for clarity, with emphasis on both their independence and mathematical similarities; 

  •  An overview of the mathematical preliminaries to all aspects of elasticity, from stress analysis to vector fields, from the divergence theorem to tensor algebra;

  •  Real-world examples and problem sets illustrating the most common elasticity solutions—such as equilibrium equations, the Galerkin vector, and Kelvin's problem;

  •  Highlights of the similarities and differences between molecular dynamics and continuum theory;

  • Presentations of molecular dynamics, including the subjects of definition of temperature at atomistic scale, and interatomic potentials, forces, and stiffness matrices;

  •  Discussions and real-world examples of biomechanics, including the subjects of finite strain elasticity, constitutive equations of soft biological tissues, incompressibility, aneurysm, plaque on artery wall, and active stresses ;

  •  A series of appendixes covering advanced topics such as complex variables, couple-stress theory, micromorphic theory, and concurrent atomistic/continuum theory


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