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Post-doctoral positions at the University of Texas at Austin

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There are three post-doctoral openings at the Research Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials at the University of Texas at Austin.

1. Biomechanics: This NIH-funded project involves collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  The work involves experimental characterization of tissues and surgical remodeling, and development of computational modeling of surgical reconstruction. While specific background in Biomechanics is not necessary, candidates should have a strong background in nonlinear solid mechanics, and some experience in experimental, analytical, and numerical characterization. 

2. Dynamic deformation of ductile materials: Experimental investigation of dynamic failure using electromagnetic loading to achieve strain rates in the rante of 10^4 per second; numerical modeling using dynamic plasticity.

3. Metal-Matrix Composites: Experimental investigation of the mechanisms and mechanics of deformation and failure in particle, fiber and fabric reinforced metal matrix composites at high strain rates.

All positions are available immediately; interested candidates are invited send their resume and a list of references to Prof. K. Ravi-Chandar (

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