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Convergence Problem using Biphasic Material to model hip joint in Abaqus

Dear All,

i am new to this forum and would like say hello to everybody!

I am currently working on a hip joint model consistent mainly
of the cartilogenous tissues. Biphasic Materials consitent of
a linear elastic Matrix and trapped fluid, which i modelled in
abaqus using Soil Mechanics (permeability).

At the moment, however, i am unable to obtain convergence. The
whole calculation stops at ca 0.122 sec out of total 1 sec. I
guess its just one parameter set wrong in Contact or an convergence

criteria! Would be very thankful for any help.

[Material is validated against Literiture first modeled as a plug,
Elements are C3D20RP, unsymetric solver is used due to curvedcontact surfaces and biphasic material.] 



amin_ucf2002's picture

Hi Felix,

Please check the unit for permeability in your input file. It seems that you are working in (mm, MPa) units. So permeability should be in mm4/(N.S). The value of K is usualy in the order of .001. you have k=5e-9


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