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How to include temperature effects on the shear rates in Dr. Huang's crystal plasticity code

I am using Dr. Huang's crystal plasticity code for an adiabatic process where temperature increase due to deformation need to be calculated. Dr. Huang's CP UMAT code does not consider the temperature effect of shear rate or hardening. Is there a way to include temperature effects in the current UMAT code?

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Assigning crystal plasticity material constants for one crystal with more than one element (default of Dr Huangs model)



I am just a beginner in Abaqus UMAT and I have started working with Dr Huang's crystal plasticity UMAT in Abaqus.

When I am assigning one material constants for one element crystal it works but when I try to assign it to more than one element for one crystal (for example group of elements with same grain orientation) it give me error code 144.

Can anybody explain me the reason?



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Material Orientation UMAT

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I have a bicrystal with 2 material orientations in Euler Angles. How do I assign them to my Abaqus Input file? I am using Dr Huang's code for CP. After going through several forums, I understood that I have to create a card with *ORIENTATION entry.

This is what I am trying to do:

Its not quite clear to me. Could anyone please please simplify and explain how I could do the same? Thanks a lot!

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