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Nonlinear dynamic analysis

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On a systematic approach for cracked rotating shaft study: breathing mechanism, dynamics and instability

We present a systematic approach to deal with the modelling and analysis of the cracked rotating shafts behaviour. We begin by revisiting

the problem of modelling the breathing mechanism of the crack. Here we consider an original approach based on the form we give to the energy of the system and then identify

the mechanism parameters using 3D computations with unilateral contact conditions on the crack lips. A dimensionless flexibility is identified which makes the application

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Extension of A Composite Time Integration Scheme for Dynamic Problems

This paper proposes a simple extension to a collocation based composite time integration proposed by Silva and Bezerra. In this scheme, each time step is divided further into two substeps which may not be necessarily equal. In the first substep, the Newmark scheme is employed an d the three point backward Euler scheme is used in the second substep. The proposed scheme is applied to non-linear problems to study the transient response solution under large deformations and long time durations.

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