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biomechanical modelling

Post-doctoral opportunity at U. Pittsburgh on arterial mechanics

We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow to examine the biomechanics of arterial corrugations. Arteries are known to have a strongly-corrugated lumen. This is readily evident from histology images of the internal elastic lamina (IEL), which usually appears as a heavily-wrinkled layer. The overall goal of this research is to elucidate the biomechanics of such arterial corrugations.

Funded PhD Student Position in Biomechanical Tissue Simulation

We are seeking a motivated and talented PhD student with interest and skill in tissue deformation simulation and biomechanical modelling. The main focus will be on new approaches of tissue deformation computation for surgical planning. The activity will be carried out in the context of improving planning for forearm surgery, by analyzing and simulating anatomical structures relevant for distal stability during pro-supination.

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