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help friction+shear

Dear friends,

Looking for a possible solution of a problem with external axial friction moment on a shear bolt.I tried to get literatures related with this type of combined loading,but not succeed much.If u can help me it would be great!

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Stribeck Curve Analysis Using Tribometer

When lubrication is applied to reduce the wear/friction of moving surfaces an increasing load can shift the lubrication from several regimes such as Boundary, Mixed and Hydrodynamic Lubrication. The fluid viscosity, the load that is carried by the two surfaces and the speed that the two surfaces move relative to each other combine to determine the thickness of the fluid film. It is this process that determines the lubrication regime. How the regimes react to friction is shown in what is called a Stribeck curve.

Water Landing of Space Flight Re-entry Vehicles Using Abaqus/Explicit

Space flight re-entry vehicles need to withstand heavy impact upon landing and it is critical for engineers to understand the effects on the vehicle and the crew to ensure the safety of the mission.  In order to gain this insight, engineers need to be able to model both the space craft structure and the landing medium such as water, sand, clay, etc.

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Crash Prediction for Marine Engine Systems Presented at the 2008 Abaqus Users’ Conference

Mercury Marine outboards, engines, and drives are designed to withstand indoor impact testing (called “logstrike”) that simulates a collision with an underwater object. This test is comprised of an outboard or sterndrive device mounted on a mock boat that collides with a simulated log.

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Paper Flow Simulation Using Abaqus

Paper transport is one of the areas under media handling methods where papers are transported by rollers through different path ways. The challenge in media handling is to transport the paper smoothly with out jam or in-plane deviation (paper skew). The smooth flow of paper is influenced by grade of paper, complexity of flow path, roller speed, roller pre-loads and significantly the roller material. It is also costly and difficult to develop a physical flow path testing.

Moving and Transportation in Turkey

This post will be continued in Turkish Language because this is related to Moving (means Evden eve nakliyat) in Turkey.

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Breakthrough Indentation Yield Strength Test


July 14, 2011 – Irvine, CA – Nanovea today introduced its patent pending breakthrough method of reliably acquiring yield strength through indentation; ultimately replacing the traditional tensile testing machine for yield strength measurement.

Modeling time dependent function in Abaqus/CAE



I am very new to Abaqus so I apologize since I am probably using the incorrect terminology for this and asking a fairly simple question.


I would like to model a laser beam striking a part the part is rotating w.r.t. the beam and I would like to model this. I have already set up Cylindrical coordinate and I just want the beam to sweep the surface following the equation:


Theta = Omega * Time


Theta:= Angular Position

Omega:= Angular Velocity

Time:= Time


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Fractography Analysis Using 3D Profilometry

Fractography is the study of features examined on fracture surfaces and has historically been investigated via Microscope or SEM. Microscope being used for macro scale analysis and SEM particularly when it is the nano or microstructure that is vital to the analysis. Both ultimately allowing for the identification of the fracture mechanism type. Although effective, the Microscope clearly has its limitations and the SEM in most cases, other than atomic level analysis, is unpractical for fracture surface measurement and lacks broad use.

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Nanoindentation Fracture Toughness

The ability of a material to resist cracking, or fracture, has been vital to the studies of fracture mechanics. Until recently the study of fracture toughness has been analyzed at a macro range using powerful instrumentation applied to large samples.

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Nanoindentation Creep Measurement

Creep can be characterized as the result of a solid material that is slowly and permanently deformed under the influence of stress. Deformation results from the consistent stress below the yield strength of the material. The amount of applied stress and its duration can eventually lead to the failure of the given material. Ultimately, it is for this reason that Nanoindentation creep measurement provides crucial information to study material behavior.

negetive spring

Can some one suggest different ways of making spring of negetive spring constant??


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Cyclical Nanoindentation Stress-Strain Measurement

The Stress-Strain curve obtained by Nanoindentation reveals the correlation of "Stress" and"Strain" of a given material under nano controlled loads. Unlike the traditional Tensile Testing method of obtaining Stress-Strain curve data, which gives data at a macro level, the Nanoindentation method provides vital Stress-Strain curve data at nano level scale without the large and intense machinery. The Stress-Strain curve of various materials will vary widely.

Engineer III Schlumberger

Job Opening Schlumberger, a Fortune 500 Company, is a world-wide leading supplier of premium products and services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, the petrochemical industry and other industrial markets.  We are seeking to hire a qualified candidate to fill the position of Engineer III in our Houston, TX location. 

vibration test fixture design

Hello all,
I am a fresher; I just started working for a company leading in passenger cars.
I have been given a project in which I have to design a vibration test fixture for passenger car bumper.
Currently, we manufacture fixture in-house. And for every bumper, separate fixture is made.
My task is to design a test fixture (for testing frequency range of 0- 70 Hz) which will be modular.

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Microindentation & Fracture of Mineral Rock

The use of Microindentation has proven to be a crucial tool for rock mechanics related studies. For example, Microindentation has been used to advance studies in excavation by allowing further understanding of rock mass properties and its separation. Microindentation has been used to advance drilling studies to improve drill heads and improve drilling procedures. Microindentation has also been used to study chalk and powder formation from minerals.

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Paper Roughness Measurement With 3D Profilometry

Paper surface topography is vital to the intended use and quality of the product. To control paper product quality it will heavily rely upon quantifiable, reproducible and reliable surface measurement. Precise surface measurement and evaluation of a paper product can lead to the best selection of processing and control measures. The Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometer utilize chromatic confocal technology with unmatched capability to measure paper surfaces.

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Release DOF of beam in Abaqus/Explicit

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to model a plate (shell elements) supported on rubber bearings and columns (beam elements) and I would like to know how to release rotational degrees of freedom at one or both ends of a beam element in Abaqus/Explicit.
Unfortunately, the keyword *RELEASE only works in Abaqus/Standard.
Thanks in advance for your kind help. Regards,

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The Understated Contributor to International Economic Recovery

While R&D topics continue
to lead as a beacon for economic recovery, a crucial part of the R&D process
continues to receive little to no attention. And make no mistake, you are about
to learn of the single most important factor in the advancement of new or
improved material technologies around the world.

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Internship in Computational Mechanics (plasticity)

Dear Members,

 Hope you will be fine. 

I am student in MSc Computational Mechanics, here in Nantes France. I am looking for an internship  which is compulsory part of master degree. I am interested in materials, processing/modeling and simulation. I would be grateful for your guidance and help.

 Thanks and Regards,

Shabeer khan 

Literature regarding the appearence of cracks in steel. Thermal, pressure fatigue

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I am wondering if anyone could recomend som literature for me to get my hands on.
If there is any literature regarding how the appereance of a crack in a piece of thin metal (~0,5mm - 1 mm) could be related to pressure fatigue or thermal fatigue.
Does the crack due to thermal fatigue have a specific appereance and so on. I need get my hands on practical pictures and so on, not equations.
Are there any signs in the vicinity of the crack that is indicating that this could be due to pressure fatigue.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Material Testing Machines

Can anyone guide me how to get crosshead speed range equal to or greater than 1:3000 in a motorized electromechanical material testing machine? The load capacity should remain same even at lowest speed.

Soil Pile imteraction in ANSYS ASAS-NL


In order to model a jacket supported by four piles I need to model the interaction between soil and piles in ANSYS ASAS-NL. As I want to make a trasient analysis I use ASAS-NL which unfortunately do not interact with SPLINTER. The jacket structure is modelled by 3D beam elements. Can someone tell me how I model the soil pile interaction? Is it possible to make use of P-Y and T-Z curves in ASAS-NL?


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